About the Book

In this book, I have described a new string theory capable of constructing a universe with its mass, energy, physical properties, forces, and processes encompassing those of our universe.  A string theory that maybe inferred as " The Theory of Everything" in conventional language of physics and hereinafter termed as the "E-theory".

These strings arise from the physical properties of the universe itself guided by the fundamentals of the theory as compared to classical string theory which is mathematical and largley incompatible with our physical universe.

In this theory, I have described a universe which is comprised of two spherical three-dimensional, quantum scale vacuum objects.  The two spherical vacuum species which have two distinctively different geometric dimensions in open space form what we know in classical physics as Hilbert space. These two main constituents of the universe decay into two-dimensional strings creating a network of extra dimension objects that form a vector space.  The extra dimension objects in combination with the three-dimensional spherical species create the fabric of spacetime, encompassing what has been described in classical physics as dark energy, dark matter, and baryonic matter. 

The number of extra dimension objects created as a result of the decay of the two spherical three-dimensional species are too large to enumerate.  However, these extra dimension objects are themselves three-dimensional vacuum species which along with the two spherical species fall into four main categories of space dimensions. You will see that our universe makes four space transformations to create these objects which are significantly smaller than the atomic radius or the radius of fundamental particles such as electrons.  A combination of the energy and momentum of these vacuum objects, and the way they interact with one another, create the fabric of spacetime, matter and fundamental particles, and everything the universe contains.  You will find that what we experience as "baryonic mass" is indeed the energy of these strings exiting our universe (the Hilbert space).  In essence, the universe uses its own "space" to sustain the state of "matter".  This vacuum energy will be depleted in about 120B years.  You will see that “time” is intimately connected with the geometric dimension of these three-dimensional vacuum species and changes inside energy field of a mass and across various regions of the universe.  That time is a coordinate measuring the geometric displacement of these moving quantum spaces as "quantum hops" and imbedded in the fabric of space.

The theory presented in this book covers many of the fundamental phenomena that govern our universe, including gravity, electromagnetism, all fundamental forces, introduction of a new force - String Resistance Force which unifies strong and weak nuclear forces and is responsible for the motion of all objects in the universe, detailed structure of atoms, dark energy, dark matter, blackholes, and a brief overview of the Big Bang.  I have described detailed structure of atoms, charges, fundamental particles such as electrons, protons, neutrons, photons, Higgs Boson, and magnetic monopoles on the scale of the most fundamental building blocks of the universe, vacuum strings.  The theory unveils the "fuzzy and probabilistic" world of classical quantum mechanics.

Many existing theories in classical physics including Newtonian physics, general relativity, quantum gravity, special relativity, Schrodinger's equation,  fundamentals of electromagnetism, and many laws in classical physics, are a natural fall out of the fundamental mathematics of this theory.  I have used proven and accepted physical properties of the universe disclosed in classical physics as a means of corroborating the results of this theory chapter by chapter and where appropriate (see E-theory vs classical physics).

You will find that this theory will address many difficult concepts such as the nature of dark energy and dark matter, quantum entanglement, particle vs wave, blackhole structure, fundamental particles, entropy, and time, just to name a few.  You will learn the significance of the number "137" (or 1/137)  in physics.  You will learn that the two Hubble measurements of 67 and 73 km/s known as "Hubble Tension" represent the expansion rates corresponding to two distinct energy fields separated by a rate of about 9% concurrent with our era. 

A striking feature that a reader will find is the simplicity and accuracy by which complex physical phenomena in the universe are addressed using this theory.  The book is riddled with example calculations such as calculating and understanding a blackhole’s entropy, temperature, dissipation rate, calculating the mass and dimension of fundamental particles, entropy of the universe, detailed structure and chirality of Standard Model’s particles, reproducing general relativity and quantum gravity in one equation, understanding dark energy, dark matter, their structure and mass, understanding the relationship between electrons, magnetism, and electromagnetic forces, understanding the true nature of "Time", etc...  

The results presented in this book speak volume to the efficacy by which this theory seamlessly relates universe’s physical phenomena from various fields of classical physics into one comprehensive, cohesive, easy to understand, and all encompassing theory.